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Sealogix Fish Oil Supplements that are pure quality Omega-3's for health benefits
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An all in one whole food nutrition powder using fresh concentrates WITH NO synthetic additives or preservatives.


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Fish Oil Capsules w/Sesamin-  Pure Liquid - 47 day supply or Capsules - 30 day supply
Sealogix Fish Oil Supplements
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Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. Ultra Refined  Fish Oil Capsules and Liquid rich in essential long chain omega 3 fatty acids.

Purity of Fish Oil is Critical to Health

We can blame ourselves for the toxic contaminants found in the fish we eat. These toxins include mercury (from the burning of coal), PCBs (used in electrical insulation), and dioxins (the active ingredient in defoliants used in the Vietnam War).  Although production of PCBs and dioxins has long been banned, they rarely break down and thus accumulate in the marine food chain that ends with fish and then in our fish oil supplements. Info on - Lawsuit Raises Safety Issues Related to Competing Brands of Fish Oil Supplements

These toxins are known carcinogens and neurotoxins. In fact, the levels in the Eskimo population, who consume large amounts of fatty fish rich in EPA and EPA, are well above the safety standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO), and recent studies indicate that they are approaching the upper limits of safety in the Japanese population. 

Here lies the dilemma - how to remove these toxins to obtain all the tremendous health benefits of EPA and DHA. The solution was the development of a new manufacturing process for producing ultra refined EPA/DHA concentrates. Life's Abundance ultra-refined, ultra pure fish oil resulted from this problem.
Fish Oil Manufacturing

It's very difficult to remove the toxins out in fish oil. That's why most fish oils sold in health-food stores and supermarkets should be considered the "sewer of the sea."  Since the contaminants in fish are oil-soluble, all the toxic contaminants are concentrated in the crude fish oil. Not a very appealing thought if you are taking fish oil for its "health" benefits.  Obviously, all crude fish oil is highly contaminated.  If you do some minimal processing, you can get rid of the mercury, but not the PCBs and dioxins.  This minimally processed product is what you get when you purchase inexpensive brands of fish oil. In other words, you will also be ingesting a good dose of PCBs and dioxins. 

Slightly more expensive fish oils are given a "touch-up" via crude distillation to remove some of the cholesterol and slight amounts of the remaining toxins, but the EPA and DHA concentration is low. Therefore, to get an adequate dose of these critical long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, you have to consume large amounts of fish oil and, thus, large amounts of toxic contaminants. If you break apart the fatty acids to make ethyl esters, then it is possible to concentrate the oils to higher levels, but the PCBs and dioxins still remain. 

The solution to this apparently "no-win" situation is true molecular distillation that removes the ethyl esters of EPA and DHA from the fish oil, leaving behind the toxic contaminants.  This finally produces rise to ultra refined EPA/DHA concentrates like Life's Abundance. Life's Abundance ultra pure fish oils are the two of the few ultra refined EPA and DHA fish oils available to the general public. Now the full spectrum of health benefits of omega 3 EPA and DHA can be realized without the toxins that limit long-term use with maximum compliance.

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Life's Abundance 8 oz Liquid Fish Oil

Refined fish oil with EPA and DHA. Life'sLiquid Fish Oil Abundance liquid fish oil supplements with natural Astaxanthin, an antioxidant is responsible for the reddish tint of this new formula, Life's Abundance retains its health-promoting benefits longer while remaining easily digestible.. If taken daily, it is the most powerful nutrient available to help reduce silent inflammation and lead to a longer and better life. Fish oil supplements benefits.
One teaspoon of the liquid Life's Abundance contains 2.7 grams of long-chain omega 3 fatty acids (1.8 grams of EPA and 0.9 grams of DHA). 8 ounces - 47 servings in each bottle

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Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon
Servings Per Container: 47


Life's Abundance Fish Oil - with Sesamin 120 Capsules

The biochemical key for optimal heart, brain, Fish Oil Capsules health benefitsand immune function. With Life's Abundance® it is possible, for the first time, to have enough EPA and DHA to reduce silent inflammation without the fear of ingesting high levels of toxic contaminants. benefits of fish oil
Four gel caps contains 2.4 grams of long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids (1.6 grams of EPA and 0.8 grams of DHA). 120 Gelcaps in each bottle- 30 Servings

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Serving Size: 4 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30