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Health benefits of Fish Oil Supplements that provide pure Omega-3 EPA and DHA.
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What is Silent Inflammation?

Silent inflammation is a condition that occurs when the body's natural immune response goes awry. Most inflammation can be detected such as pain and swelling but not Silent Inflammation. Inflammation at the molecular level may not be detected until it's too late! This is called Silent Inflammation.

There are two types of inflammation. The first is classic inflammation that is associated with pain, swelling, and redness. This can be characterized as screaming pain since it is very obvious and calls for immediate intervention. The other type of inflammation is silent inflammation or silent pain that is far more insidious because it is at the molecular level and may not be detected until it's too late! It doesn't generate the pain associated with classic inflammation and therefore goes untreated for years or even decades. We now know that this silent inflammation is the underlying cause of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. Virtually every type of chronic disease has a significant inflammatory component as its underlying cause. A primary focus of modern medical research remains the reduction of both classic and silent inflammation.

Your Primary Defense Against Silent Inflammation

Silent Inflammation is the first sign that your body is out of balance and no longer well. You can’t feel it, but it is grinding down your heart, your brain and your immune system

75% of all Americans, including millions of children, have Silent Inflammation. Your current weight and state of health are determined by how well you control the inflammatory process. Regardless of your diet, your weight or fitness level, daily supplementation is essential for everyone.

A fat cell is programmed to help control the spread of inflammation throughout the body. When the fat cell is overwhelmed by external factors such as diet, stress, and family history, the Silent Inflammation cycle begins.

Although you can not feel Silent Inflammation, your body mounts a hormonal response in an attempt to dampen its affect at the molecular level. If not contained, you now rapidly accumulate additional body fat. When inflamed fat cells go bad, Silent Inflammation exits the cell, enters the plasma and becomes systemic increasing numerous health risks related to heart, brain and immune function. Silent Inflammation not only makes you fat and keeps you fat, but erodes your wellness.

However, by controlling and minimizing Silent Inflammation within the fat cell, the desired hormonal foundation for controlling excess weight gain, successful weight loss and optimal heart, brain and immune function is a reality. You will not only affect your quality of life today, but many years in the future.

What is the easiest way to reduce silent inflammation?

Efficient reduction of silent inflammation requires using high dose ultra refined fish oil on a lifetime basis. This is why you want to use the most concentrated form of long chain omega 3 fatty acids enriched with EPA/DHA with the lowest levels of toxic contaminants, such as PCBs and dioxins.

Simply take an adequate amount of Omega 3 ultra refined fish oil concentrate once a day. This will positively affect both the AA/EPA and TG/HDL ratio, two powerful bio-markers for wellness.*

Also you should eat a well balanced diet daily to get the proper nutrition. If this is not possible, use nutritional supplements. Always check with your physician for advice.

How Do I know if I may have Silent Inflammation?

This one test may be the most predictive blood test that you can ever take because of its' ability to determine your eicosanoid balance. It is called an AA/EPA serum ratio. The lower the AA/EPA ratio, the better the balance of "good" and "bad" eicosanoids in your body. Shown below is how this test relates to the development of chronic disease:

State of Wellness
AA/EPA Ratio
Existing chronic disease
> 15
Headed for chronic disease
> 10

An AA/EPA ratio of 1.5 is considered to be ideal since this is the ratio found in the Japanese population who has the greatest longevity and the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease. The average AA/EPA ratio for Americans is 11, and it is considerably higher for those with existing chronic disease.

How do you lower your AA/EPA serum ratio?

The fastest way to lower your AA/EPA ratio is to take more fish oil. If your AA/EPA is between 1.5 and 3 you are probably taking the correct amount of fish oil for your biochemistry. If the AA/EPA ratio is greater than 3, you might consider taking some additional pharmaceutical-grade fish oil to lower the ratio. Should your AA/EPA ratio be less than 1.5, then consider decreasing your intake of fish oil. In addition, the more you lower your insulin levels, the less fish oil you will need to bring the AA/EPA into the desired range.

Is the AA/EPA serum ratio a standard test?

No. It requires a very precise determination of the levels of AA and EPA levels in the plasma phospholipids of the blood. As a result, very few laboratories can do this type of testing with consistent reproducibility. A good laboratory to use for this test is a university research-based laboratory that has decades of experience in fatty acid analysis.

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